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How To Have A Successful Fundraiser

By: Karen Singer

The first week of school has already started, the holidays are right around the corner and many organizations are gearing up to raise much needed funds through fundraisers.

Here is an easy guide to get you started and help you reach your organizations goals.

1. Be Organized – Determine your why, when and how much?

Why are you trying to raise money?

For example: is the fundraiser to raise money for school equipment, a field trip, or to offset some of the cost for graduation.

When will you hold your fundraiser?

Any upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, etc. is an ideal time when people are looking for gift items.

To ensure delivery in time for the chosen holiday you will need to do a little planning.

Keep in mind most fundraisers run for 2 weeks and have a 2 week turn around time for delivery of product. Factor in the time prior to the actual run dates to allow time for set up of the fundraiser.

The contact person from the company you have chosen to use for your fundraiser will be able to help you with this.

How much money do you want to raise?

Determine the amount of money you would like to raise and how decide how many participants will be doing the actual fundraiser.

Let your contact person know this information and they will be able to guide you as to how much each participant would need to sell to achieve your goals.

Consider offering an incentive to the participants in the form of a pizza party, gift certificate, etc.

Local merchants routinely offer discounts for organizations. ( If your fund raising in Warragul consider selling Wild Dog Pizza) We will give your organization a discount. Be sure to announce the prize at the beginning of the sale.

2. Find the right product and fundraising company.

A successful fundraiser will depend on the product and company you choose.

Try to find a product that is unique and has a universal appeal. To help make your decision about which company to use, compile a list of questions for the contact person.

Some questions you should be asking are:

How much will the product cost?

Do you have a guarantee on your product?

Will we have to pay for shipping?

How much will we make on each item sold?

When will the profits be paid to our organization?

What type of payments will be accepted?

How long after the orders are turned in, will the product be delivered?

How will the orders be sorted and packaged for delivery?

3. Advertise your fundraiser.

Once you have decided on your fundraiser, get the word out.( You can advertise in Warragul’s Wild Dog Pizza shop if you use us for your pizza fundraiser) A letter announcing the fundraiser should include the product you are selling, why you are trying to raise funds, the dates the fundraiser will run and when the monies are due.

Send this letter home to the parents as well as posting it on bulletin boards, in the teachers lounge, etc.

Also, if your organization has a website, put the news of the upcoming fundraiser on your site as well as in a newsletter that you can email to all your subscribers.

Most local businesses will be willing to help advertise for you by brochure or flier in their store. Some businesses to consider are beauty and nail salons, neighborhood pharmacy, gas stations and Wild dog pizza.

Finally, do not forget the local town paper ( Warragul Gazzete) as another source to promote your fundraiser. Most local newspapers will run community events in their weekly paper.

Wishing you many fun and profitable fundraisers!

Article Source: ABC Article Directory

Karen Singer lives in NJ, where she organizes successful fundraisers with a gourmet product of value, giving the organizations great earning potential. Additional info on fundraising can be found at:

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Is it safe to feed pizza to dogs?

left over pizza tips

18 Household Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog.

Does your dog eat table scraps? Does he beg for food (successfully) while you’re having a meal? Do you put the remains of your family meal into his feeding bowl?

Some of these foods can kill your dog!

NOTE: You will see that many of these foods cause similar symptoms, so it can be difficult to identify which ingredient is the culprit, especially if you feed your dog assorted table scraps or servings of meals which you eat yourself. Many of these foods cause damage to the liver and kidneys and may also affect the heart.

Chocolate: Most dogs love chocolate. It’s so easy, when you’re eating a chocolate bar, to give the dog a piece, just as a reward for being your friend. I’ll bet the kids do the same.

Chocolate contains caffeine and bromethalin, both of which are poisonous to your dog. Dark chocolate is more dangerous, because it is more concentrated. A dog can consume milk chocolate and appear to be fine because it is not as concentrated, but it is still dangerous. Dark Baker’s chocolate is the most toxic to your dog.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning include difficulty in breathing, vomiting, arrythmia, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, tremors, staggering, fever, increased heart rate, and can result in seizures, coma and death.

Grapes and Raisins can cause acute renal failure in dogs. Just one serving of raisins can kill a dog. Symptoms include diarrhoea, abdominal pain and lethargy.

Mushrooms can be deadly. Never feed your dog pizza or any other food containing mushrooms or let your dog chew on mushrooms found in your yard. Mushrooms can cause a wide range of damage, including abdominal pain, drooling, liver damage, kidney damage, vomiting diarrhoea, convulsions, coma and even death.

Coffee, Cocoa and Tea and indeed, anything containing caffeine (like chocolate). Symptoms are similar to those for chocolate and include staggering, laboured breathing, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, tremors, fever, heart rate increase, arrythmia, seizures, coma and death

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener even a small amount can cause liver failure and death. Dr. Eric Dunayer, who specializes in toxicology at The Animal Poison Control Center of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said that dogs ingesting substantial amounts of items sweetened with xylitol could develop a sudden drop in blood sugar, resulting in depression, loss of co-ordination, and seizures.

“These signs can develop quite rapidly, at times less than 30 minutes after ingestion of the product. Therefore, it is crucial that pet owners seek veterinary treatment immediately,” Dr. Dunayer said. He also said that there appears to be a strong link between xylitol ingestions and the development of liver failure in dogs.

Pips and kernels of various fruits can contain cyanide! Whilst the fruit itself is perfectly good for dogs, care should be taken that they do not consume the pips and seeds. Pear pips, the kernels of plums, peaches and apricots, apple core pips all contain cyanogenic glycosides, which cause cyanide poisoning.

Tomatoes can cause tremors and heart arrhythmia. Tomato plants are the most toxic, but tomatoes themselves are also unsafe.

Onions and Garlic can cause oxidative damage to the red blood cell membrane, resulting in hemolysis, or the rupturing of red blood cells and causing difficulty in breathing, diarrhoea, liver damage, vomiting and discoloured urine. Although garlic has the stronger taste and smell, onions are much more toxic but both are very dangerous.

Pizzas can be potentially dangerous because most of them contain either onions, or tomatoes or mushrooms, or a combination of all three.

The dangers of excessive salt in the diet of humans are well recognized and documented. With a much smaller body mass, dogs are particularly vulnerable to the same sort of cardiovascular problems and also to kidney damage.

In the same way that excessive salt is harmful to both dogs and humans, animal fat and fried foods are hazardous. Excessive fat can cause pancreatitis.

Macadamia Nuts and Walnuts: Macadamia nuts can cause weakness, muscle tremor and paralysis. Limit all other nuts as they are not good for dogs in general, their high phosphorous content is said to possibly lead to bladder stones.

Nutmeg can cause tremors, seizures and death

Avocados: The fruit, pit and plant are all toxic. They can cause difficulty in breathing and fluid accumulation in the chest, abdomen and heart.

Antifreeze is certainly not a food but it has a smell and a sweet taste which is palatable to dogs. It is very toxic to dogs and just a small amount can cause renal failure. Dogs should be kept well away from any suspicious looking spills of liquid, particularly in any garage areas.

Some Commercial Dog Foods contain toxins and poisons which are not neutralized in the rendering process and which are prohibited from human foods. A full report, from vets and other authoritive sources can be found from the link below;

Ken Charles is the webmaster at which covers all aspects of dog ownership, including Dog Foods, Dog Breeds, Dog Training and Dog Health.

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How Did Pizza Come Into our Social Life?

raffaelo-old-photoLive  in  WARRAGUL 3820 and want pizza? Try a traditional style pizza at Wild Dog Pizza 56222 220

Trying to trace the history of the first pizza is a surprisingly controversial subject. Some claim that this popular food is based on early unleavened breads served in the early centuries in Rome. Others trace a connection from modern pizza back to the pita breads of Greece.

It is fairly well established that the first pizza as we know it today was created by a man named Raffaele Esposito from Naples, Italy. Esposito’s creation was designed to honor the visit of Queen Margherita to Naples in 1889, and he decorated it with the colors of the Italian flag, using white cheese, green basil, and red tomatoes (tomatoes, which had arrived from the west about 60 years earlier, were originally thought to be poisonous, but by Esposito’s time they were already embraced by Italian cuisine).

As the years passed and the turn of the century came about, Italian immigrants brought this recipe with them to America. The first pizzeria was opened in America in 1905. It remained popular almost exclusively among immigrants until the end of World War II, when American soldiers returned to their home soil and brought back a love of the pizza they had discovered overseas. With that, the pizza boom in America began and this food became a mainstream meal instead of an underground Italian snack.

The concentration of Italian immigrants in New York in those olden days explains the fact that many people feel you must visit New York to get true pizzeria-style pizza. It is where the pizza got its American start, after all. And nobody who has experienced New York style pizza can disagree. New York is famous for its pizzerias, where a true slice of pizza consists of a thin, wide crust loaded with plenty of toppings and marinara and smothered in heady Italian seasonings. A side of garlic bread and some heady pastas and tortellinis usually round out the menu. Pizzerias in New York are not for the faint of heart.

In the early 1940s, the city of Chicago, IL took pizza in a different direction. It is believed that the first pizzeria in Chicago was Pizzeria Uno, opened in 1943 by Ike Sewell. Sewell’s pizza creation was a new twist on the old New York standard. He created what is known today as deep-dish pizza, where the pizza is sunk low into a deeper pan, and the crust is allowed to rise in thick bubbles around the edges. People flocked to Sewell’s pizzeria, and a whole new way of looking at this favorite food was born.

To this day, you can find yourself in some heated debates if you argue with a New Yorker or a Chicagoan about what constitutes authentic pizzeria-style pizza. But whatever crust style you choose, pizza is a unique food with a foggy past and a definite appeal that has lasted through many incarnations.

So you are lucky enough to find yourself in New York or Chicago, or any city for that matter that has a true pizzeria, complete with checked tablecloths and plenty of garlic on the menu, indulge yourself in an old tradition and order a slice. After all, it is tradition.

Bar-B-Que history and style
Barbeque, in the southern and Midwest parts of the United States, consists of slow-cooking meat over indirect heat. Chicken, beef, pork, sausage, ham, and ribs can all be barbequed – even mutton is sometimes barbequed, at least in Kentucky. With so many ways to make so many dishes, the perfect way to make barbequed meat can be a regional “bone” of contention.

In Memphis, Tennessee, barbeque is almost a religion. Barbeque ribs – most often pork, are cooked for long hours, until the meat is so tender that it is ready to fall off the bone. The city bills itself as the pork barbeque capital of the world, and has over one hundred barbeque restraints to back up that claim, many of whom participate in the annual pork cook off that is listen the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest pork barbeque contest anywhere.

The contest, part of the celebration called “Memphis in May”, draws some 90,000 cooks and spectators. Competitors come from fifty smaller cook offs sponsored by the main contest. It even runs a series of training seminars for potential barbeque judges. Good barbeque, they say, is all about being tender, without being too mushy, and being smoky, without being overpowering.

Ribs commonly come “wet,” that is, with barbeque sauce of some kind, usually mild and sweet in Memphis and basted on before and after cooking, or “dry,” with a dry rub of herbs and spices that is applied during or right after cooking. Regardless of which style is favored, the taste of the meat should come through – this is what separates good barbeque from something lathered with barbeque sauce and put in the oven for a few hours.
In Missouri, there is not one, but two predominant styles of barbeque, both of which favor beef, which is not surprising given the history of both Kansas City and St. Louis as “cattle towns.” They share a tomato-based sauce that is added after cooking, and can be replicated by mixing ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. Interestingly, Missouri’s Ozarks are the source of almost half of the charcoal briquettes produced in the United States.

Kansas City, like Memphis, has a large number of barbecue restaurants and hosts several annual competitions. However, it is particularly famous for its sauces, which are thick, rich, tangy, and spicy. The sauce is basted on during the last few moments of cooking, and more can be added thereafter. Dry rub, too, is common on Kansas City style barbeque.

In St. Louis style barbeque, ribs are the flagship dish. These famous spare ribs are a rack of ribs with the chine bone and brisket bone removed. They are cooked with a sauce that is less vinegary, tangier and thinner than its cross-state equivalent, closer, in fact, to that served in Memphis.

Whether sweet or spicy, dry or wet, slow cooked or grilled over an open flame, barbeque is one of the most diverse of all American foods, and one to which many cities lay claim. Each has its own unique character, so get some bread and crackers, or some cole slaw, or even beans, (all traditional barbeque side dishes) and give them a try.

Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips, hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to cooking and recipes. do please browse for more information at our websites.

By: Kanwar Narendra Singh Jodha

Live  in  WARRAGUL 3820 and want pizza? Try a traditional style pizza at Wild Dog Pizza 56222 220

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Warragul Pizza Quotes

Live  in  WARRAGUL 3820 and want pizza? Try a traditional style pizza at Wild Dog Pizza 56222 220

Here’s a few more quotes about pizza.

  • As long as there’s pasta and Chinese food  in the world, I’m okay. ~ Michael Chang
  • And I don’t cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza. ~ Tiger Woods
  • Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza. ~ Dave Bar
  • Believe it or not, Americans eat 75 acres of pizza a day. ~ Boyd Matson
  • The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 a.m. ~ Charles Pierce

WARRAGUL 3820 and want pizza?

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